Administrative Spotlight: Krystal Watson

(270) 575-9958

Krystal Watson, education coordinator, moved to Paducah from Wynne, Arkansas looking for a
career change. She studied History and English literature before graduating from the University
of Central Arkansas. Krystal stumbled upon River Discovery Center and has been with us ever
since. Creating new programs and bringing fresh ideas to the table, she makes our days
enjoyable and enlightens our guests. Krystal’s favorite vacations are impromptu road trips with
her husband. She’s been across the map and loves to bring her fur babies along. She’s hoping
one day she’ll make her way over to Tibet. While Krystal works hard here at the center, she also
makes time to be outside. Whether she’s working on her house, riding a bike, or kayaking, you
will find Krystal outdoors. Since moving to Paducah, she has found that “the people here are
very friendly and want what is best for the community.” Krystal hopes to see River Discovery
Center “turn into a tourist destination and a beacon for river-related education that schools can
utilize.” With her help, we know that is possible!