River Discovery Center Announces New Partnership with Ingram Barge Co.

Julie Harris
(270) 575-9958

Ingram Barge Company, based in Nashville, Tennessee and with marine operations headquartered in Paducah has announced a partnership with the River Discovery Center in Paducah.  The Ingram Skipper program will bring 4th graders from 24 school districts in our region to the center for a curriculum-targeted program.

All fourth graders will spend an entire day at the center learning about everything from river history, environments and sciences, culture, and industry.  Teachers will have an opportunity to customize their day at the center based on what they are focused on in the classroom.  Additionally, the center also will work with teachers to target components expected on upcoming state required testing.  The children will also be able to experience the real world of working on a towboat with time in the boat simulator and with other exercises typical of working on a boat. 

Julie Harris, center executive director says “when children have the opportunity to spend an entire day with us, we can do so much more than a typical 1- 2 hour field trip can offer.  There is so much to do here, that a full day allows the kids to learn so much without being rushed.  Both the students and teachers enjoy the day and leave knowing so much more about the river than when they came here.”  

E.J. Abell, director of education, says, “This is the way Education should work… children having enrichment opportunities.  Hard economic times have made it difficult for area schools to provide extra-curricular enrichment these last few years.  We are so excited that Ingram is making it possible for all area 4th graders to learn about Kentucky, the rivers and the importance of the towboat industry. Many of these same students will grow up and have a career on the river.  These lucky 4th graders s are in for a fun all-day field-trip experience.”

The “Skipper” program reflects both Ingram Barge and the River Discovery Center’s commitment to fostering an environment where students can become engaged and ensures that visiting students make lasting connections to the river. 

Each student will be recognized with a certificate upon completion of their day.

The program will bring 4th graders from the following school districts in Kentucky: McCracken, Paducah, Mayfield, Graves, Murray, Calloway, Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton City, Fulton County, Marshall, Benton City, Livingston, Lyon, St. Mary, St. Josephs, Community Christian and Crittenden County.   The Illinois districts in the program are: Unity, Franklin, Jefferson, Pope and Brookport.