Corps of Engineers Diving Suit

The Mark V diving suit, used to perform maintenance on our nations dams, was used as late as the 1980’s.   As one can tell, it was a danger in itself as a diver was unable to dress himself or move about with any ease. Another person had to not only help the diver dress and get into the water, but also had to stay “topside” to operate the accompanying “one-diver” air compressor to assure the diver received an adequate supply of air. One can view the air hose that attached to the 65-pound helmet. The “windows” in the helmet served no purpose as the water in the river quickly becomes opaque as a diver descends. Also included in the display is a pair of brass shoes used to stabilize a diver in the “pitch-black” darkness of a muddy river. Divers today use modern scuba diving gear  making any diving operation more efficient and safer.  

Donated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.